any advise on this cycle

  1. Thumbs up any advise on this cycle

    i know you guys must be sick of people asking you to chck their cycle for them but please hear me out. ive done plenty of research on cycles for a while now and have contemplated the following:-

    weeks 1-6 Deca and testoviron
    weeks 7-12 Deca and cypionate

    I have discussed this with one of my training partners and he thinks its a good idea and i was just looking for more opinions really. im currently using dianabol to get the cycle kickstarted which ive been using for 3 weeks now and intend to use for another 3 weeks, so ive contemplated carrying on the dianabol for the first 3 weeks with the cycle above. sorry does this make any sense? i thought this would be good as i read that the test takes a few weeks to kick in so taking dianabol at the start of a cycle is a good idea because of its instant effect.

    any advise would be great, like i said ive tried researching loads for myself but advise from more experienced people is always appreciated. thanks for any help?

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