what would you do?

  1. what would you do?

    with this lot:

    enough 4-derm to run 800mg for 8 weeks
    loads of m1t
    some m5aa (enough for highish dose 50-100mg)
    enough dbol for 4 weeks @ 30mg

    i want to lean bulk/body recomp, i want to gain lots of mass and strength and IF possible, lose a bit of bodyfat or atleast not gain any, and dont know what to do, i cant run dbol + 4ad together because i have tried and the blood pressure was insane

    i have done an m1t cycle before and s1+ also

    my thoughts are these:

    week 1-8 4derm
    week 1-6 m5aa
    week 7-8 m1t


    week 1-4 dbol
    week 5-8 4derm + m5aa or m1t

    i was thinking with this the 2nd 4 weeks would stabilise the dbol gains, and this cycle is really my first choice i think


    (not so keen on this one)

    week 1-8 4derm
    week 2-3 m1t
    week 4-5 m5aa
    week 6-7 m1t

    thing is, im eager to run the dbol for some reason and not so eager to run the m1t as it messed me up last time, however i dont mind runing the m1t at the end of cycle so much

    oh btw im 6ft 200lbs

    what do you think i would get the best results from? cheers

  2. bump, any advice is welcome & appreciated


  3. 4-derm/m1t stack would be good. Im not sure on dosage though.

  4. I would sell the 4derm and m1t and get more dbol!

  5. M1T kind of hits me hard so I do one week at 20mg/day and then a second week at 10mg a day. It seems to help keep the side effects maangable. I'm using it with 4-AD and 19-Nor as a TD and I'm trying to cut. You might retain a little water from the 4-AD but you should shed that pretty quickly and it will help keep the muscle while dieting.
    Traditionally the dbol is used to jump start a cycle but that would be mostly stacked with an oil based injectable which would take a few weeks to really kick in. I've heard of guys cutting on dbol but they had an ultra strict diet and would probably have been more ripped using soemthing else. It's probably still early enough in the season to run a short bulking cycle and still get a good cut cycle in for the summer.

    That being said, T-Bone's idea isn't bad either.



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