next cycle

  1. next cycle

    alright i have an opportunity to do a cycle for free of andro nittrate fuel by twinlab..the rep is using me as someone to try the product out. i really want to do ti pro but a higher dose of it..i just did it for 4 weeks and put on 11 pounds im taking 4 weeks off ...i did 1 squirt two times a day. now im using plasma expandor by vpx and no2 which i also got 4 free. i love being a manager of gnc ..all these companies want ya to sell so they give u free stuff. so should i stack the nitrate fuel with t1pro or just do a t1 pro 2 squirts twice a day and boldiene..i want to gain 15 more pounds

  2. help please =)

  3. It would help if you said what exactly was in this "andro nitrate", I'm guessing it is crap and just t-1 would be alot better.

  4. well andro nitrate is 1 ad and 4 ad combo along with the stuff that is in no2. it is supposedly in your system for 24 hrs. so im just asking ...i was thinking of doing t1 pro and boldione...which cycle and what doses would u all think

  5. andro nitrate has very little Phs in it. So you'll have to really pound that stuff for it top be effective. I'd do it for free but I sure wouldn't pay for it


  6. yeah, i believe that stuff only has a 300 mgs mixture of 1-test, 4-ad and other random stuff. deffinately going to need at least 2-3 bottles to run a decent cycle. If your only getting one bottle i wouldn't even waste my time......

  7. If it's free then it won't hurt, but I used it alone one time and it's crap, just like all other oral non-methylated ph's IMO, save 1,4 but I've never tried it.

  8. If you are broke then go for it. Most of my free PHs sit in my cabinets. Stick to what works.


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