HRT dilemma

  1. HRT dilemma

    Ok, heres my situation, I suffer from hypogonadism and have just recently been taken off of Androgel in an attempt to try HCG treatment in hopes of stimulating natural test production again and eliminating the severe atrophy experienced. I ended a m14add/1test cycle 4.5 weeks ago and am worried about losing the gains I have made during that time period and in between on androgel, so I have started an SD cycle at 20mg/day w/1/4andro, because the soonest I can get in to see an endocrinologist to start me on HCG is in mid april, more than 1.5months away. Now that's a long time to have no test in your system! Now if the HCG treatment fails, then I will permanently be placed on Test Injections. Do you think it was a good idea to start this cycle to make some gains/keep mass during this period off of androgel before HCG therapy?? My blood results from my last cycle came back fine, Cholesterol was 96, Liver enzymes were normal, etc.

  2. Well it depends if you'd rather have the injections or not. If not, then I'd say yes, it would be a bad idea IMO. Get everything to baseline or rather just come off everything for a month. This is why your doc wanted you w/o anything in your system for a bit before HCG therapy.

    OTOH, if you'd rather say **** it and use the injects for the rest of your life....(sounds good to me) then this might sabotage it in away and skew the results...but it might not too,'s really your call.

  3. Dude even if you were castrated you would still have test in your system. To think you cant build muscle without an exogenous substance is a fallacy. If you want to do this right stay off everything until you see the doc. What are your symptoms?
  4. Hcg

    You should not take superdral or any other steroid during PCT - you are defeating the purpose - HCG is great from kick starting your own testes - but it can not work when your body is provided test from another source. So you are not really giving yourself a change. As the other message advised - get off all that stuff and use HCG to get your natural test levels back. You are correct that it is a risk - as you will loose some muscle mass IF the HCG does not work. But you need to give yourself a fighting chance to get the natural levels back - then go on with what the doc says. Best of luck to you.

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