6 week 4-ad/1-test trans. cycle with increasing dosage

  1. 6 week 4-ad/1-test trans. cycle with increasing dosage

    I've been taking a 1-test and 4-ad transdermal cycle where the dosage increased weekly. Today is the start of the 4th week and I can't find my cheat sheet. I know week 3 was 4-ad 400mg/ 1-test 250mg. Does anyone know the dosing for the last two weeks? I would really appreciate it.


  2. found it

    week 1: 150mg 1-test/ 300mg 4ad
    week 2: 200mg 1-test/ 300mg 4ad
    week 3: 200mg 1-test/ 300mg 4ad
    week 4: 250mg 1-test/ 400mg 4ad
    week 5: 300mg 1-test/ 500mg 4ad
    week 6: 300mg 1-test/ 600mg 4ad

    I've seen good gains 13 lbs. and I'm on my 4th week. In weeks 1-2 I also used 5mg M1t to kickstart the cycle. Any imput would be apprecited.

  3. I would really suggest pyramiding down the last two weeks, just so you don't leave your SHBG in a state of shock. I know this is 'old skool' theory, but I go into PCT smoother when I ramp down a little, of course, I usually start PCT the last week still overlapped with my cycle a bit too, so maybe you shouldn't listen to me

  4. What were your results like? I finished a similar cycle a couple of weeks ago stacked w/ 10/10/10/20 mg. of Alri's Ergomax LMG orig. version. Results were great, since I added about 18 lbs. Started at 227 lbs. and 26% bf...kept the same bf level. Now, I'm at 243 almost 2 weeks into PCT.

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