Would 1,4 ad last longer than 1ad?

  1. Would 1,4 ad last longer than 1ad?

    If you were going to store 1,4 ad and 1ad would the 1,4 ad stay potent longer, due to its longer half life, or am i way off here? Thank guys

  2. Smile 1,4-ad and 1-ad stability

    The half life refers to the time it takes to clear 50% of a drug's plasma concentration after administration by whatever specified route, it does not reflect upon the chemical storage stability of the compound itself (relates to volume of distribution and clearance rate which are pharmacological parameters, not really translating to chemical stability). 1,4 ad and 1-ad are chemically related except that 1,4-ad has two double bonds (at the 1 and 4 -positions) and 1-ad has one double bond at the 1 position. If I were to hazard a very rough guess (truly just an educated guess), I would imagine the 1-ad could be more chemically stable due to the fact that double bonds can be the source of chemical reactivity (direct addition, allylic oxidation, etc), everything else being equal. Having said that, I doubt that everything else is equal between the two. The overall stability of what is in your powder or pills will depend on the crystalline form of the compound, crystal size, presence of impurities, type of pharmaceutical excipients included, etc....thus one cannot really know without actually doing a chemical degradation study monitored by some analytical technique...probably not worth the bother. So the short answer is that you can't assume the 1,4-ad would store longer, in fact, just possibly it could be the other way. Hope this made sense, I didn't sleep well last night (looks tonight will be an Ambien night!)

  3. Thanks man, i really appreciate the time u spent writing that. What would be your guess on how long powders can be stored? I;ve heard from 2 years all the way up to 7. Ive got mine in ziplock bags with oxygen-grabbers. Thanks

  4. Wish I knew. My gut hunch is that these would be fairly stable substances, especially where kept oxygen and light free. Freeze them on top of everything else and I think they would last as long as you will. Keep in mind, even if there is some breakdown, it does not necessarily mean most of the active drug substance is lost...only that some of it is. If I had to make a bet, I would say well over 50% of the original steroid would be there after two years, stored as you suggest.

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