what are the odds of haveing an in flamed liver ?if all my kidney/liver labs came back norm. and beside going to the doc what can somone do for themself to fix this ?

  2. You need to see a doctor for this if you suspect a liver inflammation. The Doc should run some test for liver enzymes, hepatatis, etc, and then probably refer you to a gastroenterologist, who will examine your more thoroughly. You will also want an ultrasound of your liver. Why do you suspect this??

    As far as for what you can do....standard liver protectants, but that's about it (milk thistle, NAC, ALA, etc).

  3. well a dull ache pain under my ribs on the right side and when i bend side to side ortwist it aches . i just had bloodwork done a few days ago and i had this thing then . all liver/kidney functions[enzymes] were normal. so im trying not to go to the doc till im totaly sure, because i dont want to let on to what ive been i am takein flax oil/nac/milk thistle/liv52 ed . each one of these 3-4x a day also 1000mcg of like to think its just pulled muscles but its been goin on for a couple months now.... if i do go to the docs what good excuse as for toxic things that ive been takin ?
    so im planning on blamin it on methyl creatine/tylenol and bitter orange[causes liver damage] which is in diet supps. like lipo 6 and ive been eatin like 2x ed.

  4. once-legal prohormones should suffice IMHO

  5. go see the doctor, and take Jweave's advise. But even if you have to, tell him. your liver is nothing to screw with. Get it checked.

  6. here's something you might try as a quick check:

    This is a check for tenderness in the hepatic region -
    You're not trying to "feel" your liver, you're *just* checking for tenderness, so BE GENTLE!!! NO POKING!

    seat yourself in a comfortably upright position;
    find the middle portion of the bottom rib on the right side (like, on a line between the nipple & the hip-bone);
    place the first joints of the first 3 fingers of both hands along the underside of the middle portion of this bottom rib;
    ON AN EXHALE, press GENTLY in, at a slightly toward-the-armpit angle.

    There should be no tenderness in a healthy liver in response to this palpation;
    don't get caught up in guessing if it's tender - if it IS tender, you'll know it!

    And, IF it is tender, call your doctor, because tenderness implies inflammation, and you should check it out.

    Likewise, if you CAN feel your liver when you do this, you're either poking WAY too hard, or you should call your doctor.

  7. ...and if there's no tenderness, relax.

  8. well the muscles is pretty thick there but no tenderness , however i stopped takeing everything except pinnig b12 and takeing nac/ala and havnt worked out since last wk. so i wouldnt put any strain on it. and the last two days it seem to be easing up and hurting less and less tightness and a type of bloat sorta well it is getting less. so im gonna take a break from all this toxic stuff for a while and give my liver a rest.

  9. Get it checked out because a lot of **** can be happening and you really won't know without testing and your liver could be shortening its life span without too much in the way of symptoms. Take my advice man cause I know the scare that you may lose your liver isn't a good one.


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