Newbie looking for basic info

  1. Newbie looking for basic info

    Let me clarify and say that by newbie I mean new to anabolics. I've been lifting for a several years and have my training and diet pretty much where I want it. I stand about 6'2" and about 250. Now with that being said...

    I feel that I've reached a stopping point (or at least a very slow point) as far as my gains go. I've been considering steroids for a little while but I'm still doing my research. While the posts here have good ideas and information (it's nice to see a board where people aren't routinely flaming each other) it's still a little over my head.

    Can anyone point me in the direction of some more basic (entry level) information. I'm still very green on this subject. Websites or books anyone could recommend would be a great help.

    Thank you...

  2. Stickies at the top of the page is a good start. Then do a search on any specific item that you may have a question about. For example you want to know how to run dbol. Search dbol and cycle and that should give you a idea.

  3. Read the stickies and search. if you have any specific questions, then just ask

  4. Here are a few links to some good starter info...should give you some understanding of many of the drugs that are commonly used.

  5. Either of Author L Rea's books are very good reads, especially Building The Perfect Beast. They outline the cycles and help one decide how to set up a cycle...drugs, doses, diet etc. And there is always Anabolics 2005 which i feel is not too in depth but very beneficial for general info.

    hope this helps.


  6. This site has tons of scientific studies on pretty much everything, including steriods. It is a bit hard to understand at times, but tons of good info that is presented from a purely scientific perspective.


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