Prohormones for Martial Arts

  1. Prohormones for Martial Arts


    I am new to this forum, my question is: Has anyone tried prohormones for the martial arts. I compete in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournaments and train in Pentjak Silat. Right now I am 6'0" 207lbs. but I would like to up it to around 215-217lbs to compete at another level. (I have never been tested at any tournament for substances, and I have competed in 5). I have heard that some prohormones will make you feel lethargic, is there a prohormone that will help with endurance?
    I have been lifting for awhile and use quality whey, creatine, gluatmine, and multi-vit. I was told that Trenabol-X would be a good choice because of the 1,4? Is this true. Thanks for the input.


  2. yeah, im thinking 1,4 andro because of increased red blood cell count ( more oxygen carrying capabilities) you could also just blood dope heheh.

  3. Nelson
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    I did a 6 week cycle of 1-test & 4-AD to bulk up for a karate tournament.
    My weight went from about 75kg to 85kg.
    I trained heavily with weights during the 6 week cycle, but neglected cardio.
    This really cost me in my fight.
    My low kicks were very powerful in the first minute and I had my opponent on the defensive.
    But then my lack of cardio and endurance cost me & the other guy came back in the last two minutes.
    If I could do it again, I would use T1-PRO & do more cardio.

  4. well ive just purchased some in-rage and will keep you all updated on how it works once i start. but it wont be till around the end of march when i start. but if u take 1-ad, i suggest taking 4ad along with it. the 4-ad is supposed to help with lethargy from 1ad.

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