Ventro/Dorsal glute shot help

  1. Question Ventro/Dorsal glute shot help

    Hey guys, I am 5 weeks into my first pinning cycle with DS 1-Test Cyp & 4AD/4OHT Cyp. I have avoided the glute shot since week one because I developed an abcess - and what a pain that was. I did 2.5 cc which was probably too much for the first time. I have seen the pdf's posted for proper dorsal and ventro-glute shot techniques but I can't rely on that 100% because this requires assistance. I'm talking about the position of the hand to locate the ventroglute shot. It's impossible to use this on your own and I won't do it until a nurse shows me where this is. I also don't think the pics on are accurate. There seems to be more of a margin for error for the dorsal glute shot (upper right quadrant of the upper right quadrant) so that's what I want to do.

    Basically, can you access this site while sitting down? I think that would limit the area I'm going for.

    I'm using 20G to draw, 25G 1" to shoot, BTW.

    FWIW, my experience with injection locations are:

    Excellent: Delts, Lats (painless but it torques the spine pretty good), Quads (my right quad is easy, my left quad I end up having to restick several times because of veins and nerves)

    OK: Pecs

    Horrible: Calf, Tri's

  2. Why would you want to do it sitting down?

    I used a .pdf I found on the internet and posted here somewhere. I just stand and put my finger on the hip bone, then visualize the "V" that the fingers would form and hit the spot. It is about 2 inches down from the hipbone and then 2 inches to the rear.

    It is said to be the preferred spot for large IM injections in the nursing world.

    Your 2.5ml inject into the glute should not have been too much, unless you are like 100 pounds. Are you sure it was a abcess? Abcesses are caused by unclear gear or needle/skin, or undissolved particles in the gear.

    I have gotten painful lumps in the glute when I was trying to use a 1" needle and injected into the sub-q fat layer. What size needle did you use?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Greenguy
    Why would you want to do it sitting down??
    Only as a reference point. If I can see the injection spot sitting down, I've only got a small part of the cheek to worry about!

    I've seen the Health for Life pdf (and others) but like you said, you can only visualize the area and I'm a little gunshy because of my first episode. Your info in regards to the hip bone is very helpful though.

    I only used a 25G 1" to shoot, and now I see that 1.5" should be used for the glute. I didn't wash the area the first time and only swabbed a few times with the alcohol pad, so maybe that was it. It started as a red spot around the injection site and kept spreading to about the hip area. The skin felt like leather and was all swollen and very painful. The doc wrote a script for Cephalexin and that cleared it up...

    Would you say a 25G 1.5" would be OK for glutes, or do I need a 23G 1.5+" pin?

  4. Ive always done Ventro. Just lie on your side with your thigh pulled in to about a 90 degree angle. And the inject into the top of the dimple.


  5. Top of the dimple? Do you mean top of the crease btween your thigh and ab?

  6. Don't inject your glute while sitting down. The Compression of the glute will make it less able to absorb the oil.

    Also the correct point of injection would be difficult to access.

    25 gauge 1.5" is what I used.

    Relax, but inject with care.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by LCSULLA
    Top of the dimple? Do you mean top of the crease btween your thigh and ab?
    No no, not at all. The dimple in your butt when you flex your glutes.

    Just palpate the ASIS and the Greater Trochanter and then triangulate a spot in the direction towards the glute max.

  8. Thumbs up

    This is great info guys. Thanks Greenguy and Tool.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by weider
    ........1" to shoot, BTW........s
    That could be why you developed an abcess in your ass in the first place. 1" is usually to short of a pin for the ass.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by kwyckemynd00
    That could be why you developed an abcess in your ass in the first place. 1" is usually to short of a pin for the ass.
    Yep - especially for my bubbly ass. I just ordered up some 1.5" pins.


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