A short story and a few questions!!!

  1. A short story and a few questions!!!

    Okay so my friend just ran a Dbol (25mgs a day for 6 weeks) and Deca cycle for 12 weeks, I think he did 1cc a week of deca...he put on a good 20lbs he ran clomid throught the cycle...Being an aspiring AAS guru I dont think this cycle was too great, he swears it is the BEST cycle for a first timer like himself and said anyone who knew anything about AAS would recommend the same thing for me...I am skeptical, I was under the impression that a GOOD (mass) cycle even for a first timer would have to include some kind of test, he said I was wrong...Then I asked him what he did for PCT he said he decided to rest 2 weeks then start a cutting cycle of turinabol (however you spell it) and deca, and his PCT would consiste of HCG and clomid...I thought I read that HCG was supposto be used DURING and one week past your cycle...am I right or what is the standard procedure...? Thanks for any help guys

  2. everything you think is correct

  3. Quote Originally Posted by glenihan
    everything you think is correct
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    Test is an essential substance to run as a first time
    AAS user. Of course you dont have to, but its smart.

  5. How bout a first timers cycle of...Dbol (4 weeks) test (12 weeks) and EQ (? weeks)...what are the benefits of using Deca or EQ cause I see usually one or the other are used...Also, I'm leaning towards EQ so I can take fina (whatever it's called that blocks DHT conversion so you wont loose hair, or as much hair) ...?

  6. I see plenty of AAS newbs taking that very cycle and getting good results. Many people will advocate a Test only cycle for your first one so that you know how your body responds, but I believe it may not be a bad idea to run Test only 2nd I say, do your research and when you hit the AAS make those virgin receptors work in your favor on that first cycle! hehehehe

  7. Well if you don't mind the sides there is nothing wrong with a dbol/deca cycle, its old school but it works very well. as for the PCT that is also old school and now we know better. It sounds like hes talking to a old timer or info.

  8. had a couple buddies run deca/dbol cycles, had awesome results.

  9. as everyone else said, your feelings were right. i don't have anything against a dbol/deca cycle; but it could be run better

  10. I ran a deca/dbol cycle in late 2003. Gained about 20 lbs in 10 weeks. No problems at all.


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