For my wife

  1. For my wife

    She is impressed by my gains from working out/diet/ph's
    that she asked me to recomend some supps that may
    be effective in her mission to catch up to me. She is
    about 5'4" 120, slim but not esp. defined. I feel she has
    great genetics considering we have two kids and she has
    maintained this weight and figure.

    The problem is that I am not very familiar with the female
    body. I don't want to recomend things that may bulk her
    up too much. Her goal is to be 115 while losing bf and
    gaining muscle. Her regimine is 30min of cardio ed and
    pilates every other. Later I will incorporate sit ups,push ups,
    and some light weight training.

    Please give me a list of supps including any possible ph's
    that may help her reach her goal.

  2. I think cAMPH would be good supp. for that. My girl just started using it, will see how it goes. Also Green tea, ALCAR, fish/flax oil, calcium, some mild ph's, like mdien, m4ohn, m4oht.

  3. IMO avoid anything with potential for high androgens and keep doses way low, DHEA at 15 mgs pre work out or the same with pregnenolone might be okay. Personally I wouldnt want my wife to take any thing other than that and general vitamin supplementation, you want to avoid excessive doses of any thing as it can affect a womans hormonal cycle, and other things in a negative way, (voice of experience here) has protocol for womens supplementation. Its best to be prudent.
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    Could you elaborate on your experience with women and DHEA and Pregnenolone?

  5. What does of protein would be good for her weight?
    I was thinking 40g of whey a day. She eats alot of carbs
    and i want to eliminate that. I agree with the fish oil and
    maybe some of the green tea as well. Once she hits her target
    weight I will see how she looks in terms of bf. If she wants to
    take it futher I may suggest some m4ohn at a low dose.

    What dose of m4ohn do you feel would be effective? She is rather
    hormonal so if you think it will effect her in a negative way please
    speak up.

    I think the natural supps will work fine but you know everyone
    wants dramatic results.

  6. Not sure about how negative male hormones are on women, but I did read on here somewhere that Androgel (only 50 mg test - about 10% absorbed) can be very effective on a woman's sex drive.

    But, I'm guessing she's around your age, so it may be a bit early for hormones in a cycle format. I'd say have her try the Anarchy stack.

  7. Lean Extreme or the Anarchy Stack may be good choices.
  8. ItriedtoripoffBobosonowIamgonehaveaniceday
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    Be careful of the LX as it effects Birth control!

  9. where is this lean extreme?

  10. Quote Originally Posted by ripped22
    where is this lean extreme?

  11. It is cheaper on **************** (Stryder has it for $32)


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