water retention/test-flu

  1. water retention/test-flu

    (5'7", 165 lbs) on my last cycle (which was my first), i had problems with water retention. i have asthma as is, and the water retention, my doc says, was the reason i was having difficulties with shortness of breath, and an overall crappy feeling (maybe the test-flu?). while my doc is cool talking to me about the things im already doing, he says he wont make any recommendations condoning my actions... so my questions is, are there any steps i can take while on my 2nd cycle to prevent this water retention without causing dehydration? i thought about trying to take some lasix(furosemide), but im really worried about messing up my electrolyte/sodium/potassium balance and getting dehydrated.
    my cycle is a "bread and butter" i guess, test and deca. is it the test or deca thats causing the water retention? im also taking a multi-vitamin, echinaccea, vit-c and e, milk thistle, protein shakes, and flax seed oil. any other reccomended supps for liver? taking the echin and vit-c to prevent any "test-flu" or any other sickness that seems to be going around this time of year with the cycle lowering my immune system. guess im paranoid. and if i were to start feeling the same way, is there one part of the cycle i should cut short? last cycle was cut short at week 6 due to feeling like crap.
    i know its a lot of info, just trying to cover all bases so i can get some good help. sorry for all of the qts. thanks in advance.


  2. I doubt the overall crappy feeling is from the test flu, depending on how long you have been on. Usually if someone gets the test flu it only lasts the first 2 weeks at most of the cycle, then the body gets used to the substances. It could possibly be the deca making you feel that way, personally never tried it and probably wont, but from others that have tried it reported that they didnt feel that great on it. The water retention is probably from both the test and deca. For reducing the water retention dont take lasix, I would only say to try that if you were competing in a show and only like a day or two before the show. Try an AI such as arimidex or letro, that will help with the bloat alot. For a good OTC product you could try dandelion root, it is a natural diuretic. What doses are you running the test and deca at, and what week into the cycle are you? Your milk thistle should be fine for your liver, you could try NAC, ALA, or Liv-52 which is a combination of liver protectants, but since you are not taking any 17aa orals I wouldnt worry about it too much.

  3. Try using an aromatase inhibitor before using a diuretic.

  4. drop the deca as well if it is that troublesome, If you want something to run with the test try EQ. I am assuming that sence your 165 that your diet might need to be improved, it will also afect how much water you keep. cut the carbs and salt and you can avoid the problem altogather. JM2C

  5. thanks for all of the replies and help guys. my diets good, just a super high metab. about 4000 calories a day. grilled chicken and fish. salads. im keeping carbs and sodium low, thanks for that advice.

    im running test 200 and deca 300 and im on sort of a pyramid scheme. the test is every 3 days, starting with .5, then 1, 1.5, 2, then back down to 1.5, 1, then .5 every 3 days until 8 weeks is up. the deca is every 6 days, starting with .5 and going to 2 then back down on the same scheme. hope that makes sense.

    i got some nolvadex(tamoxifen) 10 and 20 mg tabs today. will that work as well as the arimadex? i thought it was for pct, so last time i used it with my hcg in the last week and two weeks after my cycle. how should i take it if im taking it within my cycle? will it affect gains? it will help with the water retention? if so, that means it will help with my bp and everything also and cause less strain on my heart, right? thanks again for all of the help...


  6. why taper down?shut down is shut down......id just drop the deca,still run the test an do some winny or var or tren at last 3-4 weeks of cycle

  7. just run an AI like letro, a-dex, or aromasin

    honestly though, it is irresponsible to start a cycle and not know about AI's and the difference between AI's and anti-estrogens (i.e. nolva)

    don't start taking winny, var, or tren either (especially tren)

  8. im getting some arimidex tomorrow. what dosing should i use? that will put less strain on my heart also right? im assuming that most of the heart complications come from the strain of the water retention causing the heart to have to work harder. just talking now... thanks for the replies and the help.


  9. Start out with .5mg/day or eod. Currently I am taking .5mg eod and it is working just fine, but I never really bloated up in the first place.

  10. Take more test than deca and it will make a big difference on how you feel. IE deca 300 Test 4-500. AI for the bloat.


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