A high dose of 4AD...

  1. A high dose of 4AD...

    Since 4AD is 95% as anabolic as test, and converts to test at ~15%, and some report injecting it with highly succesful results - could you mega-dose on 4AD transdermal with an anti-e like Nolva or Formasin and see some good gains?

    For example, if you applied 1200mg 4AD/day, that would be about 480mg of 4AD absorbed per day, and ~72mg of test per day. At what rate does test convert to DHT?

    It seems like a lot of us are running a 1test(a potent androgen) with a good dose of 4AD. What if you skipped the 1test all together and just relied on DHT conversion from the converted testosterone for the positive androgenic effects?

    It seems like it would be a good (and cheap!) way to do a cycle...


  2. no no no...1-test is not used for the androgenic effects, it is used as the main anabolic in the 1-test/4-ad stack....

    I have done transdermal 4-AD at 700-800mg/day (@40% absorption thats 280-320mg/day of 4-ad in the blood) and I was doing hard conditioning for swimming at the time, so I was loving the faster recovery, and I was eating like a horse ... I used the 4-ad to help preserve my mass (stay anti-catabolic) because I was buring off about 800-1000 cals/day swimming and running .
    Read This Book!!: Anabolic Steroids and the Athlete by William N. Taylor M.D.

  3. no no no...1-test is not used for the androgenic effects, it is used as the main anabolic in the 1-test/4-ad stack....
    That's what I meant to say

    But 1test is also androgenic, which would mean it has the benefits that an androgen like DHT has (boosted strength, muscle hardness+vascularity...). Since 4AD is only mildly androgenic, I was wondering if a high enough dosage would convert into enough testosterone which would convert into enough DHT see positive androgenic effects similar to those of 1test. And at the same time, would the high dose of 4AD have enough anabolic activitity to see lean mass gains similar to that of 1testosterone.

    Did you use an anti-e when you did your 4AD cycle?

  4. Anti-e's aren't really needed, unless you have a tendency for estrogen build-up.. 4AD itself doesn't aromatize like the first inferior andro, instead it must be converted first..

    If using transdermally, use an anti-e. If using oral, don't sweat it unless you're courageous(1200-1800mg ed) and not estrogen-prone like me!

  5. Last time I did 750mg oral 4AD/day, and had way too much water rentention and got some nipple soreness.

    Just ordered some T1 (on sale, no less!!!) and a bottle of formasin to go with it...


  6. hemotep
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    I am planning on doing some (only) 4AD pretty soon. Most likely two bottles of T4 for 4 weeks...thats 850/mg per day. Ill probly order some formasin or something else just in case.

  7. Are you doing that for bulking or cutting? Ive heard 4AD with an anit-e can be very effective when cutting...
  8. Big V

    I've read of Wardog doing 1200mg a day while using Viratase. I would say the high dose can be done according to how your body responds to the doseage. The Viratase would help keep the 'bloat' down/off while using such high doses. If I remember correctly Wardog made good gains using this method. You may want to PM him or do a search here and on BB.com for some more feed back. Hope that helps. Good luck.

  9. Big V......found the thread for ya........read through it the info is there:

  10. Thanks a lot man! That's an interesting post...4AD for cutting sounds like a great idea. Dosent shut you down hard, helps preserve the mass, and its cheap.



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