First PCT with 6OXO, then what???

  1. First PCT with 6OXO, then what???

    After a 4 week 1-Test/4AD cycle I will start PCT with 6OXO ( for 1 week, 300 mg/day for the 2nd week, 100mg/day for the 3rd week). I have Nolva, but won’t be using that for this PCT (using it only for PCT after M1T)

    My question:

    There are a number of other supposed testosterone boosters (ALCAR, Tongkat Ali, Horney Goat Weed (Epimedium), Cnidium, Avena Sativa, ZMA, Nettle Root (seems most promising), Ecdysterone and Tribulus terrestris) and Aromotase Inhibiters (Chrysin, DIM, 5-Methyl-7-Methoxy-Isoflavone, Nettle Root, quercetin and melatonin, most of whose efficacy is in question.

    Assuming that one wanted to try one or more of these as post-PCT (assuming if done at all, it should be after the 6OXO), which one(s) would you recommend? Should they ever be combined with 6OXO?

    Incidentally re ALCAR, I know it isn’t normally considered a test-supporting supplement. Still, according to BAC there is suggesting that ALCAR taken first thing in the AM may increase test. It reads: "testosterone production may be increased with a 1-2 gram dose before breakfast, and that it may trigger a GH release with a protocol of 500mg with 30-100mg ornithine HCl at bedtime. One study showed 2g each per day of L-carnitine & ALCAR beat testosterone in increasing erections and orgasms in men over 60. ALCAR is not as effective as regular carnitine for fat burning, but latest research suggests that it may be used with lipoic acid (ALA) to protect mitochondria and dopamine cells from damage."

    I'm trying to gather some anecdotal evidence of what may have worked for others. Since there is a great deal of mis-information out there. I'd hate to have natural test levels fail to rebound to where they should be, especially if some supplement is going to increase the likelihood of everything returning to the right range.

    My question is "who has done what and how did it work", not "what would be the result of someone taking everything". I’m not sure there would be any point of taking other AIs and test supporting supplements - or if it would even make sense.

  2. Tribulus and Avena sativa are supposed to be good stacked with 6oxo.
    Make sure the extracts are good enough in % of active compounds and do not underdose.

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