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    ive got 20ml's 250mg/ml test cyp, 40ml's of 75mg/ml fina, and 30 ml's of 50mg/ml winstrol....how would you guys run this? i was thinking something like:

    wk 1-10 500 mg cyp.
    wk 1-6 75mg fina ed.
    wk 9-13 50 mg winny ed.
    and normal PCT.

    any other suggestions?

  2. looks fine except ou'd wanna run the winny weeks 9-12 and then start pct ... the cyp ester clears in 2 weeks ..actually more like 10 days

    if this is your first time with tren i would also highly recommend 75mg eod ... 1) its a harsh drug 2) you really don't need much to experience awesome gains

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    the last time i used tren was about 2 years ago...i took a fina only cycle 75mg ed for 6 weeks and gained 15lbs

  4. I think 10 weeks is probably about right, I'd probably run the winny 8-12 but it's not a big deal really.

    Looks good man.

  5. IM considering a very similar cycle to this, prob only 75mg EOD thou, thou I will watch the effects and consider upping it.

    anyway, Ive got a couple of PH and a good AAS / PH cycle under my belt, but I havent done tren or test cyp alone. do you think I should go for just test, or bung some tren in the mix too! will the gains with tren and test be significantly larger than one of the two compounds alone?

    planning on making it a cutting cycle next, so im guessing if I run alone tren is the one to go for.

  6. thats supposed to be a killer cutting stack.

  7. If i were going to run winstrol and fina in the same cycle i would be very sure to make sure lifting technique is perfect...I have heard of a lot of problems when someone gets strong as hell off of fina and then jumps into winny with all that strength...as the winstrol could cause joint problems.

    I know of one particular case that led to a broken leg

    Other than that it looks like a killer stack.


  8. I know it's a bit pricey, but you may want to look into replacing winny with anavar. Less sides, and more friendly for your joints.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Cuffs
    I know it's a bit pricey, but you may want to look into replacing winny with anavar. Less sides, and more friendly for your joints.
    Actually, the days of ridiculously overpriced var are OVER, unless you're still getting imported denkall tabs. I have personally seen at least 3 reputable sources doing anavar suspended in solution for under $20/g.

    I've thought of giving it a try myself, but I respond so well to dbol that I don't know if there's any point in it.


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