Question about cycle starting April

  1. Question about cycle starting April

    My first cycle was Test Cyp 250 and second was Test Enan 500, and both produced the same results as far as strength, but varied in other side effects. Both PTC's included Clomid and Nolva. My next cycle starts in April and the only grear available was Deca 300 and Test Prop 100 (both of which I'm unexperienced), so it looks like I'll be takin the Prop the last 3 weeks of the cycle. I've already researched both of these extensively, but haven't experienced them firsthand, so I was wondering, based on your experiences, how the strength gains would be. If possible, compared to the first 2 cycles. Thanks.

  2. you plan on running the test only the last 3 weeks of the cycle and for the preceding weeks running deca alone with no test?

    that's not a very good idea

  3. you're right, but with the quantity I have, it's the only thing that would make sense. One thing I could do is run 300mg of deca and 100mg of test every week, and at least that would keep my balls working and whatnot, but I wouldn't get the full effect of the test. I know it's a weak cycle, I just need to know how to split up the test.

  4. please don't run this cycle ... if that's all you can do now .. then just don't cycle .. wait until you can run 500mg test e or cyp a week along with 400mg deca a week (if you want to use deca) and run it for 14 weeks stopping the deca a week early

  5. I suggest you wait a little longer and get more test. But to answer your question tell us exactly how many ml of deca and prop do you have and maybe someone can advise you on a cycle

  6. ya glen, obviously any experienced AAS user understands that this isn't even enough for even a novice, or first cycle, but just answer it hypothetically. rocky, 10mL deca at 300mg/mL and 10mL testprop at 100mg/mL. Both QV.

  7. 10ml of test prop wont last but 2 weeks at a LOW dose, and 10ml of deca would say get you 10 weeks at 300mg/week...again too low of a dose for the deca and 10 weeks is a bit too short, 12 would be better. If you are going to run deca it is an absolute must that you have test in there if you want your dilly whacker to work at all. Just get some more deca, get some test enan or cyp, and run it like this:

    Week 1-13: 500mg test enan/cyp week
    Week 1-12: 400mg deca/week
    week 13-15: 125mg test prop eod
    Week 16 start pct

    I threw the test prop in there at the end since you have it anyways. If you dont run the test in there you will regret it I promise you. Deca will clear your system in 3 weeks, and test enanthate in 2 weeks, so just make sure you stop the deca a week before you end the test enanthate, and running the test prop two weeks after your enanthate shot will keep your test levels up as the enanthate clears out. Then start post cycle around 2 days after last shot of prop and everything should be cleared out of your system.

  8. Great info, thanks!


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