1. trenbolone

    what would the differences be between,

    trenbolone acetate

    trenbolone acetate with the acetate ester removed

    trenbolone acetate ester removed with the enanthate ester added

    other than frequency of shots. is there a difference between gains made from these different homebrews?

    has anyone here tried all 3 ?

  2. The real difference is going to be frequency of injections. There is now a tren enanthate on the market.

  3. yeah, but i dont think I like Supra's Tren Enanthate, im sure the quality is good, but that is a lot of cc's a week to be shooting. you also have to consider your other gear with it.

  4. well's what i'm considering using with it,

    i'm want lean mass gains so ........tren/test prop/winni

    tren 50mg eod
    test prop 50mg eod
    winni 50mg daily

    it would be my first time so i figure lower dosages of tren/test

    i've seen on another board people talking about short cycles of 2wks on 4wks off for better recovery and better overall health.this interests me ....since i'm in no rush for big gains.have any of you guy's tried this method? how long would you recommend i stay on for?

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