starting Test Ent cycle soon and need to know when to use hcg

  1. starting Test Ent cycle soon and need to know when to use hcg

    Im starting a cycle of test ent for 10 weeks at 500mg/week. And for pct ill be doing clomid 2 weeks after last injection at 300 mg for 1st day then 100 mg for 10 days and 50 mg for 10 days. Now i need to know when during this cycle should i take hcg and at what doses do you think i need for this cycle. Because i did a cycle of sust before and i waited too long so i want to do it right this time

  2. the best protocol to me is 250iu monday/thursday. Really just make sure you get 250iu twice a week on non-consecutive days. Start this from the beginning of your cycle and your PCT will be much, much easier.

  3. alright thanks for the info

  4. Swale's protocol suggests 500iu ETD or ideally 250iu/day. I've found it to be pretty much optimal.

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