Did I **** up?

  1. Question Did I **** up?

    I'm started my t1 pro cycle and it will be two weeks on 03/01. I read the tread about dosing and think that I made a the wrong dosage. I had thought that it was one squirt = 1ml but the bottle states one squirt = 2ml. Any way I doing four squirts two times a day. My gains are great. I have not been one a scale but It's to the point where people (my wife) is asking what is going on! Should I stay at this dosage for the four weeks or should I start cutting back? I have two more bottles to stay at this dosage if I should.

  2. Holy ****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ! That is 666mg of 1-test/day.. I would cut back to 1/2 that for sure... Is your hair falling out? Just wondering.. Man thats allot of 1-test...hehehe. Hope that helps.. talk to ya.... Go get the calculator from the members forum....
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  3. No my hair didn't fall out!!!!! I wen't back and read the hole tread on dosing and I does state that it 1 squrit = 2 ml. My **** up I will start cutting back. But **** my gains were great. Now I know. One other thing how long should I be off before I do a nother cycle? I will take 6 oxo when I'm off.


  4. you should be off about 1.5-2 timesa as long as you were on but alot of people have been doing 4on 4off 4on 8off. Hope that helps.. Talk to ya..
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  5. Thanks

  6. yeah someone really needs to fix that damn post on dosing.. everyone is messing up with that!

  7. i will fix it right now.... Talk to ya...
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  8. wow... not bad little T, no wonder your gains were great!

  9. Little T... your my hero.

  10. Damn I think LG and TX have a new hero now.

  11. Hmmmm..... Maybe I would see better results if tried littleT's dosing regimen

  12. what were u're gains like? how much weight gain, and strength gains, etc...

  13. Originally posted by DarCSA
    Damn I think LG and TX have a new hero now.
    Dar, why you gotta hate man??..although that dose does seem rather inticing *maniac-like thoughts cruise through my head*...hmmm....I'd do it if I could get the bottle of t-1 pro for free (but I highly doubt that will happen)
    Read This Book!!: Anabolic Steroids and the Athlete by William N. Taylor M.D.

  14. Like I started to say I had not been to a scale but my strength wen't up at first I didn't think about it, but all my lfts have went up by about ten pounds or so. My weight is up I'll get on the scale at the gym in the morning. I'll let you know but its enough to where my wife has asked whats up.

  15. LG is the one who got me over here. I have enough to go the hole cycle. Maybe I will....................

  16. Wow, more is better huh, I think Little T just proved that...so what if you're bill gates and spend $10,000 a day on 1-test and 4ad, then filled your bathtub full with thick powder, and sucked in there only a daily basis, with astronomical absorption...(of course all the bubbles are DMSO)

    Would get big and cut REAL fast? Say he had electrodes hooked up at the sametime stimulating his muscles

  17. whats dmso?

  18. uh oh we gots ourselves a true n00b to transdermals....


    type in DMSO ....you'll get a bunch of info...
    Read This Book!!: Anabolic Steroids and the Athlete by William N. Taylor M.D.

  19. Made it to the scale on Friday I'm up about six pounds in under two weeks. Some looks to be a little water weight but most of its all good.



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