Getting ready for my trip to the Vet....

  1. Getting ready for my trip to the Vet....

    ... Supply store.
    Im going to get some Equi-tite, as well, I thought about picking up some Fina. I've got proof of ownership of livestock, but I dont know what to tell the dude... I don't want to be like, "dude, my horse hit a plateau, and now hes gotta get bigger!!!!" I want to seem fairly educated or informed about what im there for, in case he asks, "what happened to your horse?" I dont want to say he hurt his quad doing 20 rep sets of squats last weekend. What should i do? Has anyone else had similair experiances?
    What else should I buy while Im there?

  2. misdirection , i dont know its for my uncle.

  3. Tell him due to the recent weather, your cattle are looking fairly sick and weak and you figured you use fina to get them healthier and bigger before you lose a good bit of them and lose a lot of money

  4. Yeah, and make sure you say the fina is for your cows, not horses!! LOL

  5. haha, lol... its a cattle implant.

  6. I'd imagine a little vet supply shop probably isn't racking in the cash and would even bother to question you. Unless you are a HUGE guy, I don't think anyone would bother you. Go in some overalls and you'll be all good hahah. I'd like to see what the proof of cattle looks like though..


  7. Do you need a picture of a cow as reason to purchase?

  8. I'll show him slips from a recent slaughter.
    Im not a huge guy (about 230 lb) but I tohught about getting some cover-alls and a plaid jacket, and maybe go for a walk through the barn before I go in..

    As far as the proof, my friend has got purebred horses with paperwork (like a dog with a pedigree) you know, like breeding history and stuff.

    I know I should get fina, but what else can I get there that I can take myself?

  9. Dude, if you tell him it's for a horse, you're SCREWED! It's for heifers! Those are cows.

  10. lol, notice Finaplex-H, h stands for heifer, Finaplix-S, S stands for Steers, and im sure there are others

  11. No Finaplex- P For a pony? Booooo.

  12. lol... Finaplex- BB?


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