Stacking 3alpha with T1 pro

  1. Stacking 3alpha with T1 pro

    Well most of you are familiar with my cutting cycle (pretty extreme) and I was thinking it would really be nice to harden up while I cut seeing as I am trying to get in position to win this damn contest. I thought what about adding this 3 alpha to my stack.

    Now there is 2 ways I can do it I can stack it with my T1 pro or I can take it in between cyles with my 6oxo. What do you guys think, your opinions and advice are always greatly appreciated.


  2. Dont take it inbetween. Its just as supressive and will prevent recovery. Just take it with your cycle if your going to take it. Be careful for androgenic sides....

  3. Yah I thought that recovery might be an issue but I read it was slightly anti-e so I thought I'd mention that option.

  4. Yeah its an anti-E but its still a hight androgenic prohormone making it very supressive. It will keep your estrogen down during your cycle.

  5. Yes that is another reason it appealed to me. I was thinking of ordering it through IFast. The reccommended dosages are between 100 and 300 mgm a day how much would you recommend on this stack. Would you continue it for the full cycle. (4 weeks)

  6. I would do it for 3 weeks at least so you may as well do it for 4. I would just do the min recd. dose at first and gauge your sides.

  7. I know hair loss and prostate are the sides to watch out for, I am not really thinking that hair loss will be an issue I'm pretty old (mid forties) and still have a full head of hair, so it does not appear I am prone to hair loss. The prostate thing does concern me however, what are some of the symptoms I should be looking out for concerning prostate problems.

  8. Do you guys figure Boldione might be the wiser choice.

  9. ok I decided on the 1,4 andro.

  10. That is a fine choice.

  11. Yah seems like a lot less risk.


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