1st Cycle Critique Please

  1. Question 1st Cycle Critique Please

    Im trying to get a good idea for a first cycle. I am debating between using deca for my base, or sustanon. I'm 200 lbs right now and want to focus on a lean bulk as I am pretty lean right now and summer is just around the corner. So here goes:

    Week 1-2 - Deca 100mg, 20mg dbol ed
    Week 3 - Deca 200mg, 25mg dbol ed
    Week 4 - Deca 300mg, 25mg dbol ed
    Week 5 - Deca 200mg, 20mg dbol ed
    Week 6 - Deca 100mg, 15mg dbol ed
    Winny 25mg ed
    Week 7 - Deca 100mg, Winny 25mg ed
    HCG ????
    Week 8 - Deca 100mg, Winny 25mg ed
    HCG ????
    I obviously dont know how much HCG to use or if I even need it for a first cycle, I have heard mixed opinions. I will obviously have Nolvadex on hand for any neg. symptoms that may arise.

    One other question: If I am looking to make some retainable lean gains what would be the benefit of substituting sust250 for the deca, and at what dosage would it be effective for me.

    Thanks in advance, I always get great information from you guys and I appreciate that you share your knowledge. I would rather learn from you guys than learn the hard way!

  2. not many people around here will recomend a deca based cycle like that. for one, you won't be able to get a hard on to save your life. and at those doses its only going to shut you down, you need around 400mg per week of deca.

    nearly everyone around here will say to run a test based cycle for your first one. if you want to use sust pin 2 amps a week, some people say pinning one amp every 3 days works better. run the test for 12 weeks, start pct 2 weeks after last inject.

    if you want to use dbol use it for the first 4-6 weeks at 25-20mg per day.

    hcg will keep the boys happy and will help with recovery. search for the "swale hcg protocol." it basically has you shoot 250iu twice a week during the middle of your cycle, like weeks 4-10 i believe.

    8 weeks of methyls is going to be hard on your liver as well.

  3. So you say skip the deca, and go with the sust. Thats actually what I wanted to do to begin with. So if I go with the 2 pins a week, that would be 500mg/week right? Should I ramp it up and then back down, or just keep it steady 500 for the full 12 weeks? Also, how much is the dbol really gonna help me? I'm a bit worried that it will be too hard to retain anything I gain off of dbol. And what about the winny I have added in there at the end. Am I giving it enough time to even make an effect. I just want to add it to help harden up, and help me retain my gains.

    Thanks for the "swale hcg protocol". I will def. be checking that out.

  4. don't bother ramping the sust ... since its a blend with 2 shorter esters i would really recommend pinning 3x a week at least if not eod ... stick with 500mg a week ... run it for 12 weeks .. run the dbol at 30mg a day for the first 4 weks

    use swales protocol and REMEMBER DIET AND TRAINING are way more important than gear ESPECIALLY diet

  5. Ok so I will def. go with the sust at 500mg/ week. How would I pin 3 times a week and still keep it at 500 mg/ week? Also, any comments on the Winny?

    Thanks, you guys are giving me confidence that I will have a solid first cycle.

    P.S. I def. know the importance of diet and training. Im not trying to replace hard work and discipline, but I am trying to get the most out of my hard work and discipline.

  6. take 2/3 a cc 3 times a week and that'll be 500mg a week
    as for the winny take it the last 4-6 weeks at 50mg a day .. don't inject either take the pills or drink it

    although if you are trying to bulk i wouldn't use the winny at all just run the dbol for the first 4-6 weeks at 30mg a day with the sust 2/3cc 3x a week for 12 weeks ... start PCT week 13.5

  7. Perfect, Im good to go then. Thanks again for your expertise!


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