Why dbol for only 4 weeks?

  1. Question Why dbol for only 4 weeks?

    Most first cycles and bulk cycles have dbol at 30-40mg for week 1-4. Why only 4 weeks? Does it hurt to take it say 5 weeks or do not really get any more gain from it? I have a small amount remaining after 4 weeks which will last me only a couple more days.

  2. 4-6 weeks of dbol is fine. alot of people use dbol in the beggining of a cycle for more than 4 weeks. it will put more stress on your liver though.

  3. DBOL is intended, most often, as a jumpstart to a cycle to promote gains until test blood levels have been sufficiently increased with an ester test product. There are liver concerns with dbol that are mostly over-rated but if you aren't at home with the ability to test your blood, then you will fall into the league of everyone else who airs on the side of caution and stops around a month or so of use.

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