1. QUESTION on AAS stack

    A couple of my friends have done this stack or a stack very similar...Test 200 or Test 250 with Deca - 1cc of each a week...To my knowledge test 200 and test 250 are either sustanon or enthenate but i'm not sure, could someone clarify. Also how many mgs are in 1cc...Is this stack any good, from the research I've done I wouldent think it's worth it, but they seemed to like it, but then again I know more than them and I intened to do much more research before doing an AAS cycle...Thanks for any info guys...

  2. Test 200 = 200mg/cc
    Test 250 = 250mg/cc

  3. could someone be more specific as what type of test it most likely is...also can anyone comment on the cycle, is it crap or any good...?

  4. As to what type of test is really is...that is difficult to say. There are many many UG labs, vet grade or even human grade that it could possibly be.

    The cycle..I would personally bump the test to 500mgs per week and the deca to at least 300mgs per week, but perferably 400mgs. Make sure to stop the deca at least one week before the test, to ensure the esters clear the body at the same time, for PCT. So it looks something like:

    1 - 12 Test 500mgs/week
    1 - 11 Deca 400mgs/week
    13 - 18 PCT

    And make sure to have a proper PCT ready in advance.

  5. Do you know who makes the test?? what brand??

    500mg/Test and 400mg/Deca is a bread and butter cycle.

  6. ICN is pretty much the "industry standard" in my opinion. Pain free, properly dosed or slightly overdosed, clean gear.


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