BEST PH for vascularity

  1. BEST PH for vascularity

    ...I would make an educated guess and say M1t or M5AA...but I just read a thread that said SD caused better vascularity then M1t...What would you guys say...?

  2. Superdrol.

  3. superdrol. Here is the writeup on it from DS site. Just fyi if you have not read it yet.****17

  4. M5AA made me super vascular last summer... Unfortunately, it also gave me horrible back acne.

  5. I would think M5 or Mdht or 3aa would be best. sd would be better than m1t.

  6. 14add is great for vascularity

  7. 1,4 AD

    I think it is still available????

  8. No prohormones are still available...

  9. Actually I think 1,4 AD is still available as is the ph in finigenix.

  10. let me rephrase; No prohormones are still legally available.

  11. Both of those are not on the ban list.

  12. you are wrong...1,4ad and M5AA are illegal in the U.S. It might not say those names on the ban list but the chemical's they consiste of are baned...Any site that I know of (such as or DOES NOT SELL THESE Prohormones because they are BANNED...

  13. I never mentioned M5aa, I mentioned Finegenix which is the non-methylated version of M-Dien.Also 1,4AD is not banned, yet.

  14. Where can you get 1,4 Ad at?

  15. Do a search for what it converts to. That should help.

  16. ive used both m1t and m14 ad before and as far as vasculatiy 5aa cyp beats both by far

  17. Quote Originally Posted by Sir Foxx
    Do a search for what it converts to. That should help.
    Could you give me a link that sell it...cause I dont know of any and no one I ask knows of any either...

  18. I had a very bad experience with I had ordered a few things from them which were listed on the website at 17 dollars each, but were really supposed to be 34 dollars each, and instead of contacting me and confirming that it was ok to charge my card 20+ more, he just went ahead and did it, and even had an attitude when I called him and complained about it. Only gave me a few dolars refund, and I didnt want to waste my time getting all the money.

  19. I was just giving some examples. Thanks for the tip on Dexter though, Grant.


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