M1T vs Superdrol

  1. M1T vs Superdrol

    Just curious as to, which one you think is more effective?

  2. M1T will put on more size, but it's pretty hard on your body. Superdrol on the other hand will give you cleaner gains, more vascularity, etc. And it's not close to as toxic as M1T. I'd pick SD as being 'overall' better.

  3. I have found that the effect on glycogen retention is greater on Sd than M1t to the point where the pumps in certain muscle groups become almost unbearable during training. This is especially a problem with lower back during squats, and when I train biceps or shoulders. I may lower my dosage of Sd next time around to see if that helps. This effect was much more noticble with the SD versus my past M1T experiences.

    As for effective dosage relative to anabolic effect I would say mg or for mg they are equal.

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