PH DOSAGE Question

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    PH DOSAGE Question

    I am going to do 10 days of M5AA as a follow up to my M1t/4ad 20 day cycle...My question is what dosage should I start with (I intend to increses if I dont fell it enough)...I have heard everything from 40mgs-100mgs in divided dosages, largest before workout...Can I get some feedback...I think I will start with 20/40/20 (if I work out mid day Like normal) total = 80mgs per this too high to start with...?

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    Try starting with 60, and go from there. I had my best gains at 100, but I couldn't handle it for long. Just play with the dosage a little until you can feel it working, and go from there. The effects are fast to recognize so feel free to bump the dose after a few days at 60 if you don't notice anything.

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