Any comparisons/studies on toxicity of Alcohol vs. AAS?

  1. Any comparisons/studies on toxicity of Alcohol vs. AAS?

    Well I am surrounded by college kids who get wasted 3 nights a week and this got me thinking. Liver wise how much damage does alcohol do when compared to AAS's and PH's? Obviously something like M1T will do much more damage than M4OHN but even still can anyone offer any opinions or data on this subject? I am thinking that people who are constantly drunk are doing much more damage in 4 years than your average bodybuilder who rarely drinks and does 3-4 cycles a year, am I wrong?

  2. I would think the same thing...however I have no idea, just logic...anyone else...?

  3. subscribing, interesting question - not sure if youre going to get a concrete study.
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by Deoudes59
    - not sure if youre going to get a concrete study.

  5. i dont have concrete studies either, but from looking into this issue for some are some dynamics as i know them:

    - every liver is different. one person can be a drunk for 25 years and not have damage; another person can binge drink one weekend and elevate values. (i read the story of a small asian girl of 7 who took drol @ ~50mg for 6 years straight for some sort of atrophic condition and developed liver cancer. i also know my uncle who i dont think has stopped drinking since watergate but gets a clean bill of health.)
    - methyls (which are the primary hepatic antagonists) generally only affect the liver as long as they are in your system; afterwards values tyically return to normal levels. naturally, long periods of distress will encourage permanently elevated values. the liver is, i believe, the only organ that regenerates, and it has tremendous self-healing powers.

    so let's put a little of this into perspective for the average young person who might imbibe on occasion. catching a buzz once a week generally will do you no harm...not fall-down drunk, mind you, although the real damage from that is not as much with the liver as with other systems. i am of the opinion that alcohol's effect on liver values is far less than methylated steroids, and i think most in the BBing community would agree. plenty of drunks in the world, and cirrhosis isn't as common as liver damage is to those on roids (ok, i am guessing with this little fact)...then again plenty of pros from the 70's lived on dbol and didnt die from it....they died from other stuff

    your best bet is to get your liver checked regularly, ESPECIALLY if you're using strong methyls for any length of time.



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