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    Instead of drinking my 4ad powder, i figure Id cap em instead. Wondering if anyone has used the cap-m-quick capper and what you thought of it if so.

    Also, should I take all 1000mg at once, or make smaller, 500mg, or 250mg caps and spread them out?


  2. Why not make a transdermal? You'll get much better absorption than with oral 4ad.

  3. hemotep
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    I probably will. I just didnt like putting the gel on my skin, waiting for it to dry and all...mainly cause the times I would be putting it on are around 5pm and 10pm. I just dont get up early enough to do in the morning. But **** it, i will now though. I did the math, and getting the powder and cappiing materials is 4.07 times more expensive per gram absorbed than the transdermal would be. I guess I will just suck it up and do it the right way.

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