best way to take cytomel + test

  1. best way to take cytomel + test

    I.m taking 200 mg of test prolongatum e4d
    and 50 mg of nandrolone phenylo e2d
    1-8 test prol 200 e4d
    1-7 nandrolone phenylo 50 eod
    4-8 cytomel start small dosage that next ?
    4-9 stanabol 20 mg

    this is my 4th week
    I add cytomel 12,5 mcg 3 days , 25 mcg 3 days
    today I add 50 mcg . this is end of thirs week of cyomel and I don't feel fat buning .

    How long should I take it , shuld I take more 75 or 100 mcg ?
    I also add stanabol 20 mg

    waight 102 kg

  2. what do you think ot taking it like this , a found it on steroidology


    12.5mcg for 5-7 days (optional but recommended)

    37.5mcg for 5 days

    75mcg for 15 days

    50mcg for 5 days

    37.5mcg for 5 days

    25mcg for 5 days

    12.5 mcg for 5 days

    6.25mcg for 5-7 days

  3. Exclamation

    cytomel is usually taken in 25mcg increments and ramped up every 3-4 days. Most people cycle up to 100mcg's ED and stay there for up to 2 weeks. But you definitely need to run it longer than 2 weeks in order to kick it into high gear.

    hope this helps


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