Cycle advice for 1,4 Andro/SD/1-Test/M5AA

  1. Cycle advice for 1,4 Andro/SD/1-Test/M5AA

    Cycle I am running is :
    (Now in week 4)

    1-9 1,4 Andro..dione = 1gram/day
    3-9 1-Test 400 mg/day transdermal
    4-9 Superdrol 30 mg/day

    Started out getting lean with steady strength increase. Wanting
    to start bulking now, should I add 4-AD transdermal?

    I had no sides from M1T/4-ad on both cycles with huge gains, but
    was wondering if 4-AD would make sense to add to present cycle.


    6'1 200# 18% BF at last check before I started cycle.

    I stocked up b4 ban and have no fears of running out of anything for
    a VERY long time, so money(supplies) isn't an issue.

    Could strategos or lean one help me out with this???

  2. Hey Hell.
    Keep us posted on your results. I bought ALOT of SD and 1,4-andro b4 the ban, as it seemed like a very logical stack to me (a guy with zero PH experience, LOL). I'm still trying to fine-tune how I'll use it, as I wait for a little elbow injury to heal (the result of overtraining).
    Anyway, best of luck.

  3. PS: No, I'm not looking to unload my SD. So you vultures stay away.

  4. I would add in 4ad, both for libido, combating lethargy, (of the 1 test, I have never used SD consistently) and for added anabolic activity. I include some form of test (4ad, Test) in all of my cycles, and I reccomend everyone to do the same (even if they are cutting). Testosterone is king as they say, and even though you have 4ad, its better then nothing.

  5. 4ad would be good for bulking. I think SD keeps the libido up.



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