Liguid Anastrozole

  1. Liguid Anastrozole

    I did a search but not much info on this stuff to help with bloat. What is the correct amount to take and is it ok if I mix the stuff with some juice? I weigh about 225 if that helps. The stuff I have is 1mg/ml

    Thanks Again

  2. If it's a from a reputable source, treat it like the tabs. The dose is anywhere from .25mg-1mg every day. Start at the low end and increase as needed. Everybody's different. You can mix it with whatever you want. With liquid products, I just shoot the dose into my mouth and wash it down so I know I'm getting it all. Hope this helps.

  3. .5 mg eod should do the trick

  4. I just took once dose today to help with some bloat and I was reading another old post which said:

    If you eliminate the bloat from a dbol cycle, then you're eliminating most of your gains also
    The post is here:

    Which Anti-E To Use

    So is it a bad idea to take the anastrozole?

    I am not doing dbol alone like the other person in the post had planned but also taking test enanthate.

  5. No it's fine to take it. You will hold less water, and put on less weight as a result, which was probably what that post was reffering to. Alot of dbols "gains" come thru water weight.



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