help in canada

  1. help in canada

    I have a sloid source but the more I read about what I can get the less I want to use it. everything as far as orals go are all IP and I'm hearing alot of bad things about him now. I don;t want to risk messing up anything by takeing the wrong thing more so with my PCT. noilva that will not work is the worst thing I could think of. Oils so far don't have to be IP. problem is that I can find loads of good places in the US but I have to have it in Canada. pm me if you feel like you want to help me. thanks. I know not to ask for a source but I'm not looking for one just maybe something to point me in the right direction. anything, I'm out of options and don't want to pay gym prices

  2. PM's are, this is kinda asking for a source.... right?

    Anyway, if you have time to read this (before this thread is either delted or you banned) I've heard IP products aren't too bad. Just bake them when you get them and up the dose b/c they may be underdosed.

    Nice knowing you

  3. I hope I don't get in crap from the mods. I guess it was more of a question about IP then. I need to know about his Nolva, Proscar. I guess Dbol in not a huge wory yet because I'm not sure If I want it yet. also anything about these as well as his adex. if you know anything anyone, help me out because it's a good price.

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