water weight prob

  1. water weight prob

    I am in the beginning of my m1t cycle, I preloaded 4ad at 600mgs oral for 10 days, then started m1t at 10mgs and 4ad trans at roughly 400mgs, i'm on day 4 of the m1t stage of the cycle...I am only up maybe 3 lbs but it seems to be ALL water, is this normal? If I continue to put on a lot of water (my bf is around 8-9%) should I consider using something like letro, I dont know much about this product except people use it during a cycle to reduce water weight, can someone give me some quick info...thanks...

  2. The water will go away as soon as you pct. I wouldn't worry about it.


  3. It's normal to gain a lot of waterweight on that cycle. Letro will work well to get rid of it now, but the water will go away after the cycle without anything. I personally can't stand being overly bloated & use letro when on M1t/4ad.

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