Mauibuilt's Proposed Cycle

  1. Mauibuilt's Proposed Cycle

    Weeks 1-2
    Superdrol @ 10mg/day
    4ad (trans) @ 300mg/day
    1ad @ 300mg/day

    Weeks 3-4
    4ad (trans) @ 300mg/day
    1ad @ 300mg/day

    Weeks 5-6
    Superdrol @ 20mg/day
    4ad (trans) @ 400mg/day
    1ad @ 400mg/day

    Decided to run the superdrol for the first two weeks and the last two weeks to incorporate a 2on/2off/2on cycle for superdrol since the consensus was the weight gain subsides after two weeks on superdrol. Also upping the dose of 4ad & 1ad during weeks 5-6 because I tend to see no weight gain after week 4 of my cycles. I've never tried 1ad but 1test usually takes 15 days to "kick in" for me, so the superdrol will work as a "jumpstarter."

    Of course I will be doing PCT. Will be using the standard 4 week dosage regimen for nolva (40,40,20,20). I am also considering IGF-1 Long R3 starting week 6 and running it for 4 weeks to help maintain gains. If I choose not to go the IGF-1 Long R3 route, I will jump on DS's Lean Extreme. Any suggestions??

  2. tattoopierced1
    tattoopierced1's Avatar

    Weight gain doesnt subside after two weeks on my experience it stays consistant with your diet...

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