Liver GGT elevated?

  1. Liver GGT elevated?

    Just to get some feedback. I just tested my blood and my -GGT was up to 84.

    Normal is 0-65 iu/L. I hadn't done any orals lately but did drink some light beers during the NFL playoff Games Sun. the day before my blood draw. Not real smart, but the next day was the only time I have to sit at the lab waiting for 2 hours.

    How bad is that?

    ?? My -ALT was 108 and -AST was 69 Normal ranges are 0-40 iu/L for both.

    --------------- In Oct. , I tested blood after a 3 week kick start of D-Ball at 30mg per day: - GGT was 40 -ALT 76 -AST 52 No booze then

    An opinons please.

  2. I would get them tested again w/o drinking and/or taking any meds. GGT should be the concern. Was your doctor concerned?

  3. Thanks Size.

    No, I am just testing myself via "Direct Labs" an online service.

    I will bring some of the results to him as I am due for my annual physical.

    my trigylcerides were a problem the past few years up to 800. Now down to 187. probably got better due to my better diet

  4. Make sure you are clear for a week or so then do the test again (i.e no drinking, no drugs like methyl's, aspirin, etc.). Are you on any prescription meds?

    Have your Doc do a complete blood panel and assess, that's really the only way to tell if you have an ongoing issue or simply acute elevated liver values. If he refers you to a good gastroenterologist, even better


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