What do you think?

  1. What do you think?

    Hey Bros, I wanted your input on this 4 week cycle.

    I just bought 1,4 Andro by 1fast400 and 1AD. I am going to use 300mg of 1AD and 300mg of 1,4 Andro every day splitting the dosages up every 4 hours or so.

    My training routine will be the 20 rep squat routine that was suggested by Iron Addict of gotfina.

    My caloric intake will be upwards of 3500 calories a minimum of 3000. I'm sitting at 208lbs approx. My protein will be in the neighborhood of 300 daily.

    Hit me back with your input.

  2. At 208 lbs you should figure out your BMR using MattD's calculator, you probably should eat more cals if you want good gains off of this cycle. Also I would up both to 600mg daily IMO. Is this your first PH cycle?

  3. Agreed with weave. Probably want to up the calories if you're looking to gain mass.Other than that, best of luck.

  4. Thanx dude. Nah..This is my 3rd. The first one was unsuccessful due to bogus products by Muscletech.

    Could you send me the link to Matts Calculator?

  5. Look at yj's signature the link is there

  6. You're taking 1,4andro alone? I would throw in a transdermal Nordiol for maximum gains with few sides.

  7. I don't care to much for transdermals anymore. I'm going to use 1AD by ergopharm b/c of all the positive feedback on his product.
    This will be my last ph cycle before I jump into IM inj's. I need a little boost in my strength along with adding some size to my frame.
    Thanks for that link.

  8. BTW..Did you guys use clomid post cycle? I looked into 6oxo i see that its not all that cheap.
    I have a bottle of tribex that I plan on using afters on top of either 6oxo or clomid.

  9. no transdermal? no offense but you may be selling yourself short with oral. best of luck though man

  10. I used, you probably never heard of it, Euthenics in Golden, Colorados product. It was called Deca something. The next I used was another 19 nor transdermal. I got burned on both so I just gave up on that avenue.

  11. yeah, I hear ya... sucks when that kind of **** happens. if you reconsider, and decide to give it one more try you will NOT be disappointed with BDC's transdermals. either way I hope this next cycle proves more satisfying than the last ones bro


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