M1T+4AD Cycle. Questions and Concerns from one who has researched alot already

  1. M1T+4AD Cycle. Questions and Concerns from one who has researched alot already

    First off, a little about myself. I plan to be doing a M1T+4AD cycle fairly soon. I am 22
    6'0" and 178lbs at the moment. I have been working out for 6 years, and have been "hardcore"
    for the past 1.5. I have done cycles of 1-AD, and a cycle of Nor-Diol and 1,4 Andro in the past
    with minimal sides. Don't let the post count fool you, I've been lurking around the message
    boards for years, doing research This is my first post however. Also, I'm not looking for an
    ethics lecture, if I wanted that, I would post on BB.com. I know these chemicals have sides.
    I do have some questions about the cycle I am about to do however.

    The Cycle:
    I was thinking
    Week 1: 10mg M1T, 400mg 4-AD, 10mg Nolva
    Week 2: 10mg M1T, 400mg 4-AD, 10mg Nolva
    Week 3: 20mg M1T, 400mg 4-AD, 10mg Nolva
    Week 4: 20mg M1T, 400mg 4-AD, 10mg Nolva
    Week 5: 100mg Clomid , 50mg Nolva
    Week 6: 50mg Clomid, 50mg Nolva
    Week 7: 25mg Clomid, 25mg Nolva
    Week 8: 25mg Nolva
    Week 9: 25mg Nolva
    Week 10: 25 mg Nolva

    alternately, I was also thinking of breaking up weeks 2 and 3 with Nolva and Clomid in between
    for two weeks.

    My Questions:
    1) First off, is this a good cycle for good gains with minimal sides? Will the two week break hurt or
    2) I would also like to take milk thistle and saw palmento for liver and prostate therapy. How much?
    What weeks? Any thing else?
    3) Hair loss? I have spirlocane 5%(spelling?). I should use throughout cycle? I also have a prescription
    for propecia, but if I am not mistaken that is not to be taken with M1T correct?
    4) I'd like to gain 10 solid pounds, and add 1/2" to lagging body parts such as arms and legs. Reasonable?
    5) Lastly, and I will say that I am not looking for a source or anything like that, but is
    A*******R*****-R********.com a good source for Nolva and Clomid?

    Thats all I have for now, but I'm sure I forgot something. Thanks to all who may help me out.


  2. looks like you have reduced the sides as much as possible considering its m1t. I would not run 20mg and would do a 3wk at most. there are different opinions on when to take milk thistle. I take it off cycle only. I take saw palmetto everyday. I usually take what the bottle says to. I have not heard any problems with spiro and m1t. I heard one of the hair products and the nors can cause problems. gains sound reasonable. be prepared to lose some pct. dont recognize nolva site.

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