How's this for a bulker?

  1. How's this for a bulker?

    Going straight into a bulker right after my cutter.

    week 1-8 test prop 100mg ed
    week 1-6 trenace 75mg eod
    week 1-4 superdrol 30mg ed
    week 5-8 (or 6-8) m5aa 100mg ed

    I have some 1-test, but I believe I may leave it out this time.

  2. if its a bulker, why bother with prop? why not just use a longer ester and save yourself the pokes?

  3. cause I have about 80mls of prop to spare... plus I dont mind the pokes - gonna be poking a lot with the tren anyway.

  4. M5AA + tren?? That would be a lot of androgenic activity. Have you tried stacking them before? You might be in for some serious sides

  5. I was thinking about that, but they would only be used for a week or 2 as i am stopping the tren @ 6. I usually dont have much in the way of androgenic sides, though i have never used tren. I can always ditch it since it comes later in the cycle.

  6. you will with a dht precursor and tren. should be a great stack though. i'd say it'd be a good cutter too, as the prop don't bloat, tren cuts well, and superdrol dries you out.

  7. could always stick it in after the tren is done... I just love m5aa with test.

  8. i hate m5aa.

  9. I would not even bother using the m5aa

  10. I would lose the m5 also. Test and tren alone are a great combo. Add in your superdrol or dbol and it's even better. I would also run the tren longer if you don't get sides with it(some don't), and can handle it well.


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