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  1. Front Loading

    Im using up the rest of my ph stash for a 6 week cycle. I'm running m1t for 2 weeks then using the rest of some 1ad I have left over for 4 weeks while running 4ad the entire time. Im using all pills. I wanted to front load the 4ad before taking the m1t, any opions on how long to front load the 4ad for if it should even be done at all?


  2. I'd go 2 weeks 4AD first and keep it going, then M1T for 2 weeks, keep the others going. Some prefer to frontload, others like to kick it off with the M1T. I prefer the former to keep M1T hell (sides) in check.

  3. You'll be fine if you start the 4ad a week early, or even a few days. 2 weeks is OK too, but that long is not a neccessity.

  4. I did a front load of 1 week of 300mg 4-AD before starting my 2 weeks of M1t (10mg) into 5 weeks of Superdrol (20mg) and I didn't see one side from M1t. I'm on my first week of the SD now.

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