To stack or not to stack?

  1. To stack or not to stack?

    I have a bottle of SD and M1T. Also on back bar, 1-test powder and 4-ad powder for transdermal usage.

    I was considering to stack:
    Week 1-2: M1T @ 10mg
    1-T [email protected] 200mg
    4-AD [email protected] 400mg
    Week 3-4: No M1T
    1-T [email protected] 250mg
    4-AD [email protected] 400mg
    Week 5-6: 1-T [email protected] 250mg
    4-AD [email protected] 200mg
    PCT: Liquid Nolvadex

    Currently I'm 5'11" 183lbs. looking to bulk up.

    Would you stack the SD with the 1-T and 4-AD? Or is it better buy itself?
    I have about 4 cycles of the 1-T and 4-AD trans and one bottle of M1T and SD.
    What would be your suggestions for the 4 cycles?


  2. stacking the SD with the 1-T and 4ad seems to be a very solid/popular choice, if you've never taken ph before i'd suggest just sticking to 1-T/4ad for a cycle, then throwing in the SD, as for the M1T i have no clue, I hate that stuff and therefore have done very litte research on it, M1T/4ad seems to be like the most popular stack with a 2 on/2 off approach, though some try it for 3-4 weeks which i personally think is too long, but to each his own, if you are indeed new to ph save the M1T for the end, when you know how your body reacts to supplemented hormones

  3. I would agree. superdrol would be better with another ph. I think I read that it enhances the other ph when stacked. I would stay away from stacking two methyls, like m1t and sd. the stack above looks good. you might run sd with 4ad or in place of the m1t. both act quick.

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