bulking agent mid-short cycle

  1. bulking agent mid-short cycle

    I know on six to eight week cycles, folks will often add a bulking agent for a few weeks in the middle. Something like 1-test for eight, with 4-AD for two weeks in the middle.
    I tend to do two week cycles, though. Would there be any point, from any perspective, to using 4-AD for five days in the middle of that? Or is that as stupid as it sounds?

  2. If your bulking use 4-ad the whole way through. Even for 2 weeks. People have done 2 week cycles with good success. Hope that helps. Talk to ya
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  3. Actually, I have a kind of unique situation I should probably post a question on the cycle forum about. I'm in the Army, so my main objective is strength, not size--but I have no problem with additional size, I'm doing just fine with my running. I try to end my cycle a day or so after each PT test, so I get the temporary strength and VO2 max benefits, but I should study what I do and what's possible to do a little more carefully, get the maximum boost I can.

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