Oral 4Ad

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    Oral 4Ad

    I looked around but couldnt really find anything on this. I dont really like the transdermals simply cause they are inconvenient for me to use. I still wanna do the 4ad though and was considering using 4ad powder from chemo...about a gram a day for 4-6 weeks. Does this sound ok?

    Also, is it better to just take 1000mg from day 1 to day 36, or maybe do 800mg/day the first two weeks, then 1000mg, and 1200mg a day for the last two weeks?

  2. Don't pyramid it sucks. Just do the same dose the whole way through..... As far as oral are you going to cap it yourself? Talk to ya..
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  3. hemotep
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    Cap it? I was just gonna toss it in my OJ.

  4. Not sure how good that would work... It might break down form the acetic acid or something in there. Even just eating the powder I don't think is as effective as eating capped 4-ad... Saliva might break it down a little and maybe the juices in the esophagus might as well but not to sure... Sorry i'm no help.. hehehe. Talk to ya...
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  5. hemotep
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    Well, if its ok to just 500-1000mg at once, I can try to dissolve it in something, and just inject it into a gel cap like clomid.

  6. Well I guess this answers your other question about the cap-m-quick. I noticed Kilosports has a 4ad ester now, so you could probably simply take it with some flax oil and it would be like 4ad ether gels. Otherwise, there is a few threads where BDC quotes the oral absorption rate of oral 4ad. Check around for that will give you an idea of how much powder to cap per capsule.


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