The Ban and PH Discussions on the Forums

  1. Exclamation The Ban and PH Discussions on the Forums

    Are there any issues regarding posts about PH/PS's since Jan. 20? I mean, as long as it's understood that we're all speaking hypothetically, is this even an issue? Of course there are plenty of AAS discussions all over the place, so I'm assuming the right to free speech is just that. Anybody see it differently?

  2. I would thing that since all of this is if course hypothetical, it wouldn't be a problem.

  3. Well, I just think that the PH forum should follow the rules of the AAS forum since now the stuff is legally the same in the US.
    If this board resides in the US, otherwise PHs are still over the counter products in europe.

  4. we should all change our location to european cities
    its all hypothetical, it doesnt really matter.
    its all information, we don't actually use anabolics
    wait right?
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