Equipoise - Trade names/Manufacturers?

  1. Equipoise - Trade names/Manufacturers?

    I would like to know some (recent) equipoise brand names and manufacturers
    besides this ones:

    T. NAME Manufacturer

    - Boldebat-H Illium troy lab (australia)
    -Boldenone-50 Jurox (Australia)
    -Crecibol Unimed (mexico)
    -Equi-gan Tornel (mexico)
    -Equipoise Squibb/Solvay Vet (Canada, Mexico, US)
    -Ganabol Labs VM (Columbia, Panama, Peru, Chile...)

    need to know more recent ones like, Anabolic BD 200/300/400 from sydgroup and so on
    specilly if it is any from spain or europe!

  2. Anybody? nobody know any european!!??

  3. The only european brand I know of is the Alpha Labs Bold-200. Quite good, I migth add.

  4. Generic Labs make a good version

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