1-AD users - Please help!

  1. 1-AD users - Please help!

    Bit the bullet and bought 180 caps of ErgoPharm 1-AD before the ban. It will be my first cycle and I'm running it on it's own. I'm going to run at 300mg ED (at least to start) for 4 weeks. Have 6-OXO for PCT and Nolva in case of any gyno sides at all.

    My question is MPB does run in my family, do you think only 300mg ED could still turn me in to Kojak? I've got Saw Palmetto as heard this can help.

    Be interested in any feedback.

  2. I ran 1-AD at 900mg/day and saw no hair problems whatsoever

  3. Cheers Bouncer.....Was this a concern you had before you took ii or do you know of anybody that has had these sides?

  4. I've heard that 1test will strip your hair and there is not much you can do about it. I've also heard to run spiro, AA, minox to try to keep as much as possible. thats what I'm doing. have not noticed much loss.

  5. Saw palmetto will do nothing for preventing hair loss. I'm also pretty sure 1-test will not cause dht related sides.

  6. If you are prone to MBP & will eventually go bald, most androgens will speed up the process. You can take spiro & other supps to try & avoid it, but you eventually will probably lose your hair. Saw palmetto helps prevent conversion to DHT, but I believe 1ad/1-test can affetc hairfrom a different pathway.

    If you are like me & not prone, nothing affects your hairlline even without supps to prevent hairloss. By age 31, you should know if you're gonna go bald or not.

  7. yeah, you only need to worry about it if you are predisposed to hair loss (MPB) in the 1st place (family history). If not, I don't think 1AD will do anything to your hair. It can shut you down sexually, suck all your energy out of you, and even give you joint and back pain. But in my experience, and the experiences of those I've talked to, only the PHs that convert to DHT (4AD, M5AA, etc) will cause a noticable speed up of hair loss. Saw Palmetto will be good only for your prostate health. Again, those who need to worry about prostate health are those who are predisposed to prostate issues. But I have NEVER heard of someone running 1AD by itself and seeing any noticeable loss of hair.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by fairplay101
    Cheers Bouncer.....Was this a concern you had before you took ii or do you know of anybody that has had these sides?
    Wasnt much of a concern but still looked for it.

  9. You might want to bump it up to 600 mg

  10. there is a post by Big Vrunga I beleive on hair loss. In it it suggests using Azealic acid and spiro cream. look for it it is intersting.

  11. Cheers for all your info and advice guys. MPB does run in my family and at 31 I've receded a little but not much. I'm only doing a 4 week 1-AD cycle so shouldn't harm me much anyway. VG I will start at 300mg ED but like you say 600mg is hopefully where I'll end up, just want to check my sides first. Cheers all.


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