epi expired 3/13

  1. epi expired 3/13

    i was digging through my stash and found a lot more than i thought i had. i have almost 2 90ct bottles of the old epivar 18mg caps that expired 3/13. they have been stored in a cool dry place since i bought them quite a while ago. i was thinking to run a cycle stacked with mentabolan fairly soon. it's been over a year since i ran a cycle. had a couple planned but the timing wasn't right and training wasn't where it should be. i'm in a place now where i can run another cycle. do you guys think they will be ok or should i run something else? i have a few bottles of ultradrol as well and everything i need for pct and support. i'm going to run the ment with either for sure. i was kind of leaning toward the epi as i want to burn off some fat and lean out while still putting on some muscle. i've got a couple bottles of sd and lmg as well plus a bunch of ostarine and various other goodies. i've kind of stayed away from epi since it is a libido killer for me but i figure the ment will help with that. decisions...

  2. It should be fine. If kept in cool dry place should last for years after exp date

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