A few questions before the cycle begins

  1. A few questions before the cycle begins

    Hey there. I will be commencing my first cycle this coming Monday. I have a few questions unrelated to dosages and other common ones. The first is, how much should a young individual train on anabolics? I am fully aware that overtraining is still possible, but I have yet to see any real signs of overtraining since I picked up the weights again several months ago. I was doing insane volume a month ago...10x10 of 2 compound exercises morning AND night, so basically 400 reps per day, 5 days per week! I was assisted by MAG-10 Legacy (It is Biotest, but I respond amazingly well to it) at the normal dosage, which as I understand it is a pretty low amount of 1- and 4-AD. I kept this up for 2 weeks and only on the very last day did my lifts come to a halt. I took a few days off and when I came back, I had gained insane amounts of mass and strength. Basically what I am saying is, I seem to be very resistant to overtraining. Natural test production is high, and I make sure to get enough omega-3s, zinc, magnesium, etc to keep it there. I have a ton of free time on my hands and if I could, I'd spend the whole damn day in the gym, Arnold-style.

    I would appreciate it greatly if some of you overtraining-resistant individuals would lay out an example of your training volume while on. I have always gained strength easily, and now mass, so much so that there were all sorts of rumors in highschool that I was on the juice. On my first cycle of prohormones (MAG-10, 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off, 2 weeks on), I gained 30 pounds with my bodyfat decreasing and squat/dead/bench went up about 150/100/75. If this description fits you, I'd love to hear from you. The last thing I want to do is squander my cycle.

    Also, as I am currently in college, I drink at least once every weekend. I realize I will probably need to give this up for the duration of the cycle, which is fine. But I would like to make sure. I'm not talking about getting hammered here. I like having a few beers to loosen up. I remember something about Arnold drinking beer as a post-workout drink, and the man was on steroids quite often. I am not concerned about my test levels temporarily dropping as my body recovers from the alcohol or anything, but I am more worried about liver damage. Would a few beers in conjunction with 17-AA like Dianabol be potentially deadly or what?

  2. Could anyone offer me any advice?

  3. i wouldn't change your on cycle routine much from your off cycle routine. overtraining is very possible and it happens quite often on cycle when guys get over zealous and attempt to become mr. olympia in one cycle. i would stick with the same routine, perhaps changing up rep schemes and different exercises for increased hypertrophy but not by adding more exercises to the existing routine.

    as for 17aa's with alcohol, it's been done by many who haven't had any health issues. just try to keep your beer count in check. ask yourself what is more important, a few beers or your cycle?

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