questions about 4-ad cyp powder and 1-test cyp powder

  1. questions about 4-ad cyp powder and 1-test cyp powder

    Firstly I'm new to ph's. I've done a few but they were oral cycles.Since I was stocking up I got the powders also seeing as it'd be hard getting them later.So now I would like to know what to do with them.

    My questions were concerning 4-ad cyp powder and 1-test cyp powder, i have a gram of each.

    My questions are, is a gram enough, what will I need to buy to homebrew it for injection use, also is it possible to just snort them, and how does sublingual use work, do i just put the powder under my tounge till it desolves? I used the search and a lot of the answers other ppl got were not realy answered fully. Any answers would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

  2. Minimum 5 grams of 1 test cyp and 10 grams of 4AD / cycle. This will yeild ~ 25 ml of 200 mg/ml 1 Test cyp and ~ 50 ml of 200 mg/ml 4AD cyp.

    Use the search button for recipes, and doseing.

  3. Thank you duckway

  4. sledge is going to release the numbers for his look out for those.

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